Viva La Resistance

Alex and Gwyn - Fall-Winter 609

Knowing where the next mission will be occurring, Alex will travel to Rhyden, along with her growing band of spies. She hopes to learn much in preparation for the Resistance’s assault. Chief in her mind is to identify all of the targets, both Khadoran officers and structures. For people, names, abilities, habits, strengths and weaknesses are her goals; concerning structures, vantage points, structural weak points, ways of access and security is what she looks to discover. She will make contact with black marketeers, smugglers and thieves to learn any possible secret ways into the city, or how to move about unseen.

Meanwhile, Gwyn is left to monitor Alex’s interests in the capital. After introducing Gwyn to her network of contacts, Alex has left her protege to mainatin and expand the web. Further, to continue controlling talk concerning the Brass Orbs, as well as monitor opinion and movements of thew factions in the area



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