Viva La Resistance

Fall to Winter 609: The Siege of Rhydden

-Hamish Stonebreaker and part of his kriel burst onto the scene shortly after the grove explodes, the large trollblood rushing over to where Van and Brass fell to the corrupted shrapnel. Powerful divine light shines around him, and then he places a hand on Brass and then on Van, the energy surging into them and repelling the dark energy worming into them through shards of wood. “Yoo’ve dain it. Yoo’ve stopped th’ gatormen bastards an’ pit an end tae uir misery. Thenk ye.” He offers a massive hand up to the two of them, pulling them out of the filthy swamp water. “Yoo’ve earned yer keep the-day an’, in time, we main be able tae lend ye a hain if ye need it.”

The lot of you spend some time recovering from the unearthly ordeal, the Morrowan clergy offering prayers to ease your recovery. Eventually, when you all gather to discuss your next contract DeGaulle enters Kell’s bar, excitement written over his features. He ushers you aside, ordering a drink of the finest drink Kell may have (looking rather disappointed when he sips it) and then beginning his report. “The Khadoran assault against Lerwyn failed horribly. The lack of supplies meant their soldiers were starving and lacking important ammunition to press the siege. Tzepesci was dogged all the way back to Rhydden by Menite forces, his forces further dwindled from the zealot’s attacks!” DeGaulle takes a larger swig of his drink, then continues, “General Lyrra thinks now is the time to strike at them, for the resistance to have a home in the open again. We’ve dispatched envoys to a number of the mercenary companies in the area, and the resistance now calls upon the Brass Orbs to help us in this great moment. Resistance leaders and mercenary commanders will be meeting at a barn east of where the Blackriver crosses the Voxsauny-Southryne border. The meeting takes place one week from now. Your cell will be paid 14,000 gold crowns for your participation in the siege.”

Well built farmers work the lands around the barn where you meet, tall corn stalks concealing the members as they come in. You find the barn’s been mostly cleaned out for your meeting and that you’re far from alone. Standing around a table are several individuals, the majority of whom are well armed. DeGaulle welcomes you all to the meeting, giving a round of introductions:
Leading the Steelhead company is Commander McGarry, a stout man with impressive brown mutton chops and a barrel chest that would even impress Barkeep. Flint Strongarm, the trollblood representative from Stonebreaker’s kriel, introduces himself and explains that Hamish was unwilling to send out more than a scout group should things go wrong in the swamp. A stout woman in heavy, armoured robes and sporting an impressive array of scars is introduced as Lucretzia Breganza, leader of the Siege Breakers – a so called ‘pavise personal artillery unit’ where ranks of tower shields protect rear ranks of spellcasters. Then a man clad in Morrowan-styled white plate mail offers his hand to the lot of you, amicably introducing himself as Commander Valerius of the Lords of Thunder. Finally General Dexeter Lyrra gives you a respectful nod, his old frame clearly suffering from old war wounds, and Col. Stoyan Jarov gives a quick salute, his well-worn warcaster armour creaking in protest only slightly.

“The plan,” begins General Lyrra, leaning on the table, “is to capture Rhydden before the Khadorans are allowed to recoup their losses and-” he gives a long, hacking cough – you can all see Jarov shoot the General a worried glance – and then Lyrra continues, “before winter gets a firm grasp on the area.” His finger trembles a bit as he points to the map on the table, specifically at the southern gate of Rhydden. While they’re not on the map, even more refugee hovels exist around Rhydden, many clustered around the southern gate. They will offer excellent cover to our fighters to advance on the wall, especially because we will be doing this at night." Seeing his own hand shaking, he returns it to help support his weight on the table. “The Brass Orbs, acting as an independent and cohesive small unit, will infiltrate Rhydden in advance. Your primary and first objective will be to get to the southern gate and open it for our forces, ideally doing so without alerting the enemy to any problems. After that, you can quickly redeploy to deal with other threats and targets of opportunity. If possible, we’d ask that you sabotage or demolish the southern Khadoran garrison, eliminating their infantry; assassinate key Khadoran leaders within the city, slowing their response time; and capture the jack depots deeper into the city, hopefully depriving the Khadorans of their heavy firepower.”

“We have armed who we can and trained them as best we can under the guise of Steelhead recruits, so we’ll have a numerical advantage over the wounded Khadoran forces. However, despite the supply train hit by the Brass Orbs, the bulk of our forces are woefully under equipped.”

Valerius interrupts Lyrra’s briefing here, “An operation deserving recognition,” he says, bowing his head to the Orbs, “Your timing and adaptation admirable, and the number of men you spared and took alive very honourable.”

Lyrra clears his throat, then continues: “Steelhead units will be bolstering resistance fighters throughout the battle, using their mixed arms training to supplement the sheer number of resistance members. DeGaulle and his Royal Guard will be spread amongst the resistance fighters for leadership, and to use their combat expertise to tackle major threats that arise. The Siege Breakers will follow them, providing long range support and then consolidating our hold on any ground taken. Our advantage lies in surprise, the longer we can maintain it and keep the Khadorans in disarray, the easier this will be.” He runs a finger along the main road leading into the city from the southern gate, “Once stealth is broken, the Lords of Thunder will utilize their heavy cavalry to control main routes through the city, further sowing confusion and breaking enemy reinforcements before they reach their objectives.” Another bout of coughing, this time lasting long enough to make people shuffle awkwardly, “Strongarm’s scouts will primarily act as a reserve and messenger force to keep people appraised of the overall battle. They’ll spread out around the city and harry the enemy when they can, support those that need it and generally be available for redeployment to targets of opportunity.”

“Everyone should familiarize themselves with the map before the time of battle. For now, are there any questions?”


“Do we know what sort of forces remain to the Dark Prince? The train we hijacked was carrying orgoth weapons, and the beasts that wield them; I’m hardly in the mood for a simmilar surprise.” Alex asks the assembled commanders over crossed arms.

“And spreading out the royal guards or steel heads seems like a poor choice. Spread out, our front will be slightly better off; but still generally weak; concentrated effort by opposing forces will break the line. It might be more advantageous to cluster our more skilled units on problem areas; or hold them in reserve for when the green troops inevitably break.” She continues.


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