Viva La Resistance

The Train Job

With the astounding success of the Brass Orbs in south eastern Llael, the resistance has struck a blow against the Khadoran occupiers. Crucial supplies have given the resistance the ability to arm those loyal to their cause, and the Order of the Golden Crucible is now working diligently to crack the Khadoran cortices so the resistance can make even greater use of the captured warjacks. More than just arms and armour, however, the train job provided information about Khadoran troop movements and fresh troops for the resistance, a number of the captured Winter Guard being Rynnish in origin and hoping to expel the Menite invaders. Though their training puts them above a standard resistance soldier, their recent history as Khadoran dogs means they’re working against a heavy bias.

Rumour has it DeGaulle of the Royal High Guard is even debating making the Brass Orbs honorary members of the Guard. This craze over the Brass Orbs, however, is also spreading throughout the Khadoran military ranks and it won’t be long before the occupiers manage to put two and two together…



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