Pre-requisite: Caster level 1st
Bond with a number of ’jacks equal to your casting stat modifier. You gain a link with them out to 5ft per casting stat modifier and can Share Spells with them, but note that constructs are immune to Transmutation spells. Furthermore, you can sense active cortexes within the same radius.

Journeyman Training:
Pre-requisite: Caster level 5th
Bond with an additional ‘jack and double your casting stat modifier when determining your link range. Furthermore, you can channel spell energy into you or your bonded ’jacks to boost performance as a Swift Action. By sacrificing one of your spells for the day, you may grant you or your bonded ’jacks an enhancement bonus to all attack and damage rolls equal to the sacrificed spell’s level for one round. This bonus is reduced by 1 for each additional target after the first you wish to boost. For example, if you sacrificed a 4th level spell to boost attack and damage rolls for one jack, it would get a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Were you to affect yourself and the jack the bonus would only be a +3 for both of you.

Adept Training:
Pre-requisite: Caster level 9th
Bond with an additional ’jack and triple your casting stat modifier when determining your link range. Additionally, as a Swift Action, you gain the ability to grant ’jacks bonded to you any feat or special ability from the following list at a cost of 1 spell level per feat: Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical, Improved Initiative, Power Attack (Improved Bull Rush, Improved Sunder), Run (simply gives the ’jack the ability to Run). This lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier, reduced by one round for each additional jack boosted. Rather than granting additional feats when sacrificing a spell in this manner, the spell levels may be used to increase the number of rounds the ability is active on a one-to-one basis. The feats assigned to your bonded ’jacks must all be the same.

Craft Mechanika
Pre-requisite: Character level 5
This feats allows you to construct all mechanikal devices and objects that do not require magic. Examples include mechanikal assist modifications to armour, the chassis of a steamjack, large clockwork or factory components. This feat is required to work on ‘jacks as well, such as installing new components, but is not required to repair them.

Armour Proficiency (Massive)
Benefit: When you wear massive armour, the armour check penalty for that armor applies only to Dexterity- and Strength-based skill checks.

Normal: A character who is wearing armour with which he is not proficient applies its armour check penalty to attack rolls and to all skill checks that involve moving.


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