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Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms:
We will be using the Pathfinder rule set, which can be found here
However, I have stream lined a number of the mechanikal rules found in Iron Kingdoms, the information which will be posted below:

Character Creation:
– 25 point buy beginning at level 8, using base races and including the Iron Kingdoms Races We are also using Destiny Points to make up for the lack of magic items. All Pathfinder classes are allowed, run specific archetypes by me. Iron Kingdom archetypes can be found at the IK Archetypes page.

New Feats
– Warcaster feat chain, Craft Mechanika, Armour Proficiency (Massive)

Firearm rules
– the level of firearms vary by nation, as follows: Those from Cygnar use the ‘Guns Everywhere’ rules, everyone else from a civlized nation (Llael, Ord, Khador, Protectorate of Menoth, Ios, Rhul) uses ‘Commonplace Guns’ rules, and anyone more tribal uses ‘Emerging Guns’. Details on what each level of technology means can be found here

– lists any additional equipment available to characters, such as massive armour

Magic items
– will not be accessible through any markets, magic items are rare and coveted items. Crafting Feats will be your main method of acquiring these items.

– describes how to construct your own ’jacks, as well as upgrade your armour to have mechanikal assistance

Hero points
– We’ll be using the hero point rules found here to allow you to overcome tougher challenges and, in general, be more bad ass.

Main Page

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